Darlene Mowatt
1958 -

Born in Detroit, Michigan one of Darlene's early hobbies was pencil drawing fueled by a natural ability and a strong desire to improve this skill. Being a self-taught artist until her senior year in high school, the college level drawing class being offered intrigued her, and for many years she continued to attend drawing classes after marrying and starting a family. Eventually Darlene's interest moved toward taking watercolor classes and learning how to develop this medium into paintings. This continued for 20 years, painting flowers, landscapes and barns. Inspired by her garden and traveling with the family, she continued to create sketches take reference photographs and producing paintings.

Being a wife and mother was a role that suited her and she soon developed a better appreciation of life, its moments and memories. Capturing barns was important as they are disappearing form the landscape. Flowers come and go with the seasons and living in Michigan that happens too quickly. Before Darlene knew it, her kids were grown and gone. Over a hundred paintings and drawings were completed and shown through exhibits and sold to local patrons during these years.

In 1999 her art desires and business skills inspired Darlene to become an owner/operator of an art supply and custom framing store. Working to become an expert in a wide variety of art materials and techniques, the store also contained a learning center where a variety of classes and instructors taught. Darlene enjoyed teaching children to draw and continued to produce detailed drawings in watercolors.

Her interest in oils was sparked while traveling through West Virginia, as she came across the Flemish Realism oil painter David E. Weavers studio. David was such an inspiration to her, that oils became the medium of further learning and focus. Darlene studied and apprenticed with David for 5 years. Her interest in oils, different styles and processes inspired Darlene to attend workshops continuing to learn and explore with others while developing her own style.

After 30 years creating drawings and paintings and a decade learning oil paintings her career as a full time oil painter began in 2010. For five years she participated in exhibits and enjoyed exposure and acceptance in the art community. In 2016 upon learning an oil painting technique using cold wax her focus returned to the landscape and selling through Galleries. Darlene has always been an outdoor enthusiast and now combines both passions into her paintings with views of nature.